Terms of use

The Corpus of Polish Hohlpfennigs (CPBG)

Terms of use

1. What is CPBG and what it is for?

The Corpus of Polish Hohlpfennigs (CPBG) is a scientific database intended for research work. The database includes text data and graphics. CBPG was created thanks to the support of the National Science Center (decision No. DEC-2014/15/B/HS3/02196).

2. Access to the data

a) There are three levels of the access to the database:

                1) public, open to anyone via the Internet;

                2) scientific, intended for researchers (professional or amateur) and available after logging in;

                3) administrative, intended for participants of the numismatic seminar of the Institute of Archaeology, the Wrocław University.

b) Restricted data (e.g. due to legal reasons or due to the wish of coin owners) are stored at levels 2 or 3.

                To achieve access level 2, you should ask the database administrator (cpbg@archeo.uni.wroc.pl) with your name and surname, affiliation and the subject and purpose of the conducted research. Students and people without scientific affiliation should include recommendations of their academic supervisors. The data administrator may refuse access if he considers the information presented to be unreliable.

                Access level 3, authorizing to edit data, may be granted only to employees, PhD students, students and retired employees of the Institute of Archaeology of the Wrocław University. The access is granted by the research leader of CPBG.

                The administrators and the research leader of CPBG are appointed by the director of the Institute of Archaeology of the University of Wrocław.

3. The ownership of the data and the conditions of their use

a) The owner of the CPBG database and all data contained therein is the Institute of Archaeology, University of Wrocław. The authors of the photographs in the database are: Łukasz Sroka, Paweł Duma, Paweł Milejski, Arkadiusz Panic, Roksana Wawrzczak and anonymous correspondents. The authors of drawings are Grzegorz Sierocki and Paulina Basińska.

b) Research data taken from the database may be stored and processed for personal use without restrictions.

c) A public use of all materials available at the public level and text materials available at the scientific level for scientific or popularizing purposes is free of charge (license CC BY-NC-SA[http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/deed.pl]).

d) A public use of graphic materials available at the scientific level in the publication requires a consent of the administrator. After obtaining such consent, it is free if it is for scientific or popularizing purposes.

e) Publication of any data taken from the administrative level requires the consent of the research leader of CPBG.

f) Any commercial use of graphic or text materials requires the prior agreement of the Institute of Archaeology of the University of Wrocław.

g) In each publication of data from the CPBG database, the source of their origin should be given in the form: "Corpus of Polish Hohlpfennigs", and in the case of graphics "CPBG".

h) When applying for the second or third level access you agree to the storage and processing of data provided for the purpose of managing the CPBG database.

4. General Notices

a) We reserve the right to change these terms of use at any time. We will notify you about the change by placing the new full text on the CPBG website. While using the content of the database, you should make sure what the current usage rules are.

b) The database is subject to the laws of the Republic of Poland and all disputes that are unresolved amicably will be resolved by Polish courts.

Wrocław, 2 January 2019